Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maternity Photoshoots

I took the heed of many other mommies and went for a maternity photo shoot at the very last minute, when i was 36 weeks pregnant with Kyne. 

Photos were taken by Firefly Photography and it was really cheap! I only paid SGD120 for the studio photography and all images were returned with the 40 best edited. Of cos, at such cheap rates, do not expect those really fancy maternity shots with feel..  It's not exactly a maternity photo shoot, but we wanted a family photo shoot to remember that very moment, just before little brother Kyne arrived, to remember what it was like.  At 36 weeks, i was really tired, thus the photo shoot which also happened at night was a little tiring. 

A few images to share below, others are only for my own private viewing! :) 

i love how korean Kyle looks!

isnt he handsome? he is! in my eyes!

such a cute boy

looks like i gain much in size during pregnancy, and hasn't lose much yet as of now!

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