Confinement meals

The moment i knew i was pregnant with Kyne, i began to think that i would like to order confinement meals this time round instead. Reason being, i do not take pork and during my last confinement when i had Kyle, my mother-in-law and her maid find it very difficult to cook for me without using pork. In the end, i had the same dishes almost every other days for that whole month.  I would love to think that there are many ways to cook the same chicken, fish and vegetables. 

Thus, with that thought in mind, I began to email to many confinement food caterers to enquire if they have non pork menu but alas not many replied. I thought, that's it! It's true that without pork, others do not know how to cook any confinement meals.. 

I am lucky to know a group of April mommies just like myself and one of the mommies asked if any one interested to do a bulk purchase for confinement meals together and i asked about the non pork menu again. I was really surprised and elated when Natal Essentials replied not just with a Yes, but they also email me a copy of the non pork food menu for the whole months for my viewing and consideration! Their booking form is also very comprehensive, you can indicate clearly whether you want to liver, frog leg, vinegar, trotter etc..

Special Request section in the booking form

Needless to say, of cos i book with them immediately! I took the 28 days (Mon to Sun) lunch option at 700+ after discounts. We only need to pay them a deposit and they will issue to us a customer id. To activate the delivery, we just need to call them one day before to inform them the customer id. Balance payment is to be paid on the first day of the delivery itself via cheque or Internet Banking. 

Different from the rest, Natal Essentials food are packed in microwaveable disposable containers and delivered in a food warmer bag! I love how i can just eat and throw without having to wash anything except for my own fork & spoon. If i cannot finished the portions, i also keep the box inside the fridge and take out to reheat in the microwave few hours later when i am hungry again. 

On the whole, i am satisfied with their services! They were prompt for my food deliveries every day and the menu repeat only after two weeks. Of cos, there are some dishes i do not like to eat at all, but i also have my favorite food among their deliveries such as Hong Zhao Chicken, Chicken Wine, Black Pepper Chicken Steak, Sweet & Sour Shengyu with Capsicum etc. 

Their food warmer bag

Tadah! The food are neatly packed in disposable containers! There is rice, soup, two dishes as well as red date water!

They are not stingy with the ingredients for the soups at all! I can find lots of herbs inside the soup everyday!

One of my favorite stirred fried chicken in Kai Lan

Steamed Threadfin with Lily Buds & Wood Fungus is delicious!

Steamed Threadfin with Bean Sauce is Yummy!

Fried Rice with Chicken, Egg and Shredded Ginger!! 

Stir Fried Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion

Spinach with Ikan Bilis

Side note, i must share the below confinement meals that i had from other sources! 

This peanut porridge from Thomson Medical Centre is SOOOOOO delicious i am still thinking of it now!

Thomson Medical Centre's Papaya Fish Soup! The nicest that i ever drank!

My own mother is also a very creative and flexible woman! She knows my diet and she also cooked a few meals for me with my favorite dishes tweaked to become a healthy confinement meal!

Mee Hoon Kway tweaked to become a confinement meal, made with love by my mom! 

Hong Zhao Mee Sua on the day of my Birthday

Not so salty ikan bilis

My favorite potato dish cooked with Vegetarian "Oyster Sauce" 

Hong Zhao Mee Hoon Kway!!

My mother's Spinach with fried ginger

Potato, shitake mushrooms and stir fried fish slices with ginger and spring onion!

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