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Parenting Trials

How do you cope when you learnt some not so positive stuffs about both your children on the same day? Today, for the first time in my life as a parent, I find myself feeling a little dazed like in a dream.

Parenting is really very difficult and uphill task. It's unlike studying or working where as long as you do your best, you can see the results you desired. There is also no school or internship on how to be a parent. Being a parent for less than 4 years now, I start to and often feel like i am losing control of happenings in my life. Before i become a parent, I didn't know that my heart and fate will be so closely tied to my children. There are times i actually feel very scare whenever I get the feeling that it's beyond me to help protect my very own children, but at same time, i learnt that i have a pit-less amount strength just to hold on and go that extra mile for my child. THIS, is a parent.
In the morning, during the parents-teacher conference for Kyle, his English …

Confinement meals

The moment i knew i was pregnant with Kyne, i began to think that i would like to order confinement meals this time round instead. Reason being, i do not take pork and during my last confinement when i had Kyle, my mother-in-law and her maid find it very difficult to cook for me without using pork. In the end, i had the same dishes almost every other days for that whole month.  I would love to think that there are many ways to cook the same chicken, fish and vegetables. 
Thus, with that thought in mind, I began to email to many confinement food caterers to enquire if they have non pork menu but alas not many replied. I thought, that's it! It's true that without pork, others do not know how to cook any confinement meals.. 
I am lucky to know a group of April mommies just like myself and one of the mommies asked if any one interested to do a bulk purchase for confinement meals together and i asked about the non pork menu again. I was really surprised and elated when Natal Essen…

Maternity Photoshoots

I took the heed of many other mommies and went for a maternity photo shoot at the very last minute, when i was 36 weeks pregnant with Kyne. 
Photos were taken by Firefly Photography and it was really cheap! I only paid SGD120 for the studio photography and all images were returned with the 40 best edited. Of cos, at such cheap rates, do not expect those really fancy maternity shots with feel..  It's not exactly a maternity photo shoot, but we wanted a family photo shoot to remember that very moment, just before little brother Kyne arrived, to remember what it was like.  At 36 weeks, i was really tired, thus the photo shoot which also happened at night was a little tiring. 
A few images to share below, others are only for my own private viewing! :) 

Big Brother Kyle

This afternoon, I left baby brother Kyne (who is trying to poo) on the bed with big brother Kyle (who is engrossed with a game on the ipad) and went to the kitchen to make milk for Kyle.
I heard the baby wailing and moments later, I heard Kyle's voice:
"OK! OK! OK..... Sayang sayang sayang... "
Kyle actually paused his game to help me look into his brother's crying and he came out to look for me to tell me that he thinks didi pooed and need to change a diaper!  All these from my 3+ years old Kyle! I don't know how to describe the feeling. I think I am amused and very touched by Kyle. 
Yes, he is not exactly really excited with his lil brother, the ipad and toys are more cool.. but if didi cries too much, i begin to see the sensitive sensible big brother in Kyle! He is no longer the baby but he is forever my big baby!

Our bed on 22.5.13

This is the new allocation: hubby ⅓ of bed, Kd ⅓ of bed, Kyne ¹/6 of bed and mommy ¹/6 of bed. Luckily it's only for a short nap. If it's a night sleep then i confirm will end up on floor!

Baby, What is thou name?

I have the belief that every one's name is predestined. Do you? 
I believe that whether he was named by parents, grandparents or Fengshui master etc, how the child got his name and what is the name he was given is predestined.

Long time ago (going to be soon 5 years ago), when we just got married, i was asking Hubby, if we ever have a child, what shall we name him or her? We weren't planning for one so soon yet, but you know I am sure this is one of the topics that couples discussed - what would you named your child?
So we had the discussion and we decided to name our children starting with alphabet K! I love alphabet K and the english name i gave myself also starts with K (it's Kene pronounced as Keen). So i would like to name my children starting with alphabet K too! I also wondered out loud, if our first child will be a boy or girl? If it's a boy, i would love to name him Kayden! If it's a girl, I would name her Kate or Kylie! 
Then what about the Chinese name?…

My Baby Kyne

I went to view the studio photos taken of Kyne when he was 15 days old.  It's only 19 days ago and already he looked totally different now. Haha, i kept asking are you sure this is my son? How come don't look like him at all? 
Sharing a few photos that i love.
Taken on 25th April 2013 by Studio Play.