Saturday, April 27, 2013

Realistically Me

My father, whom been helping me to bring Kyle, to and fro from his nursery had always been telling me that, there are a lot of 三姑六婆 among the parents of his class, whom are very free to gossip outside the classroom everyday. 

[OVERHEARD] Yesterday, I finally feel good enough to bring Kyle to class myself and true enough! I overheard them discussing about me! At first I wanna scold them for being so busybody but i didn't in the end. I told my mother about it and she said that i am so realistic (现实):P

Woman A: this is the heavily pregnant that woman ah ?

Woman B: Ya, she is that one lo !

Woman A: when she give birth de?

Woman B: two weeks ago...

Woman A: Wah!!!! She slim so fast ah!!

The word SLIM made my day so i decided to let them bitch all they want! Hahaha. ;p

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