Friday, April 05, 2013

Lesson Learnt : No bananas before meals

Every Friday now is also Fruity Day at Kyle's new nursery school. The school will not be serving any tea break on this day and parents are required to prepare small portion of fruits for the kiddos to bring to school to eat during their Friday tea break.

This being our very first Friday in this school, I had thought that a very good fruit to bring for Kyle will be his favorite Banana!! I was thinking so because Banana won't be messy, and it can lasts till tea break without turning brown.. 

Little did i know that, when we went to school 4 hours later to bring him home, we found Kyle with his hand crutching his stomach and his body cold..  :( :( :( I had forgotten that one shouldn't take banana on almost empty stomach as that will cause gastric pains! His breakfast was only milk and just happened that this morning he only took 100ml of milk!

Geez... BAD mommy! I quickly made a bottle of warm milk for Kyle and let him rest, while he waits for lunch.. 

Guess I have to prepare other fruits for Kyle next time...  what fruits do you recommend that is suitable after light breakfast (that is milk) and yet gentle and filling enough to last him till lunch? How should i store cut apples or pears so that they will not turn brown before he gets to eat it? I am not a fan of using salt.. 


  1. I didn't know bananas on an empty stomach can cause gastric pains! Thanks for sharing.

    Either buy Apple Slices from McDonald's (can be kept a few days refrigerated, just check the expiry date) or after slicing up any fruits, immediately seal it up air-tight and refrigerate it.

    You might want to test out the various fruits that your boy likes, see how long they can last out.

    Some other fruits you can try are seedless grapes and berries (blue berries, strawberries etc). Not sure if these are recommended to be taken after a super light meal though.

  2. Thanks Mabel!

    Mac apple slices are good idea! So bcos the school sets Friday to be Fruity Day, then i guess i will make Thursday to be Macs Happy Meal day then! ;p

    I was wondering if 3 to 4 years old is a little too young to replace a tea break with purely just fruits only? Cos their capacity is so small and fruits are so acidic! Haha.. Usually i give fruits after lunch and dinner..

    Sigh, suddenly i feel, if you ask me how to do damage control and customer service recovery, i can do it closing my eyes, but when it comes to planning a well balanced healthy diet to my child and exposing him to many different foods, i sucks! :(

  3. Hi! Been a silent follower of your blog (your son is very cute!) for quite a while and since I blog now (at thought I'd start being less anonymous :)

    I've faced the same problem as you, and I found that raisins and dried and canned food (drained so there isn't that much sugar) really helped. Fruit yoghurt (I'm sure it counts as fruit too hahaha) was a favourite, though too much of it may cause gastric pains too. And if you want to store cut apples and pears without them turning brown lemon juice is very effective.

    Hope this helps!




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