Kyle and His Hair

Finally, yesterday i had enough of it.. I didn't care if i will do a botched job at cutting Kyle's hair myself again... and in a spur of a moment, I, very quickly, armed with only a thinning scissors, cut his hair front & back within minutes myself, right in the living room!

Thinning Scissors

So now Kyle has transformed from his longest ever hair of 

Kyle last weekend on 30 Mar 2013

His hair was really so long that i kept getting reprimanded even by strangers!!

To this!!! 

back of his hair now

Front of his hair, i am sorry, the fringe is slanted again! 

But overall, he is a happy boy!! He seems relieved of the extra burden too! Hahaha

So today, i took a memory walk back at Kyle's hair styles and the different botched jobs i made so many times.. LOL!

Kyle is blessed to be born hair!

His hair was very fine but yet black!

MIL refused to let us shaved his head during 1st month so we just let it grow like grass

Until one day when he turned 3 months old, i called the Tai Mao Bi  folks down to shave his head and made the  brushes using his very own hair 

His hair grew so fast!

2nd shave again when he was about 5.5 months old

Just thought he looked so cute! Haha! Big headed boy!

He finally got his first haircut experience when he was 1+ in a barber shop and apparently, he is not happy at all

he was crying the whole shop down and i think the barber couldn't done any better with a struggling boy and many pair of hands pinning him down..

Subsequently, it was me whom usually trimmed his hair cos many visits to barber shop and hair dressers were are failed as in we couldn't manage his struggle to allow the hairdresser to cut his hair at all.. Not even those places with kiddy rides, sweets, videos of barneys etc. 

The trim of his fringe in Sept 2011 got me many scoldings from his grandparents

I am sorry that during his 2nd birthday he had to look like this.. before his  fringe were poking his eyes! 

His hair grew very fast

Another trimmed done by yours truly again that once again gathered so many remarks from elders whom saw it on FB. LOL 

During the annual photo taking on 1 Oct 2012

Lol!! I trimmed his fringe again and it happened to be his 3rd Birthday!! I was so guilty and asked hubby how? it seems his birthday photos for 2nd and 3rd showing such ugly hair, i think he will hates me when he grows up!

The fringe grew out abit and dont look so bad in Dec 2012

And it was the last hair cut until now.. so 6 months were all it takes for his hair to grow from 


Though i do quite a bad job at hair cutting.. but practise will make perfect! ;p 

Sorry Kyle, mommy just can't bear you feeling all so hot with the heat rashes.. and also, you are a boy, i can't always let you grow up with people mistaking you as a girl.. and lastly, you are a really cute boy, u look good with any hairstyles lah! ;p 

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