Confession: My Husband and My Children Have Different Surname!

My surname is Lim and in 2008, I married my husband, my true love, a man with his surname as Pang. 

Little did I know that troubles and inconveniences started only when I have our own children... This is because the children's surname is Cen. Their surname is different from their Daddy's.. I always get questioned by my elder son's school teachers to ask me if my hubby is the real daddy of my son? -_-""" 

So, what exactly happened and how the story goes?

When I knew my hubby, I knew his name as Pang XX. I always thought his surname was 冯. One day, when we bumped into my friends outside, my hubby, then my boyfriend, introduced himself as Eric Pang, and i am like stumped! I asked him later, why he gives a fake name to my friends?? He insisted that Eric is his name and i am like how come i never knew that? He showed me his NRIC... Yes, Eric is indeed his name.. The reason why he do not use the name Eric was because he never like this name given by his parents and recorded on his birth certificate since young..  -_-"""

That was when I noticed, how come my then boyfriend has so many names printed on his NRIC? And his surname printed in Chinese Character is 岑 instead of 冯! 

Turn out that the story goes that long long ago in the 50's, when his Hainanese grandfather went to registered the birth of his father, the eldest son, they had communication barrier and end up the surname was registered as Pang (冯). When the 2nd uncle was born, the grandfather met with another registration officer with a different dialect group and his surname was registered as Yeo (杨). When the 3rd uncle was born, his surname was also registered wrongly as Sim (沈)!So, in the same household, they had 4 different surnames and I believe my hubby's grandparents got questioned a lot on the origins of their children. Haha! So, it had remained like this until my hubby was in Primary 6 and needs to register his NRIC. The whole kampong then decided that they had suffered enough due to the mistakes made by registration officers last time! They went to a lawyer and for the whole clan, did deed poll to change the surnames of every family once and for all to their original surname as Cen... 

So, if the name was changed, why are we still suffering this inconveniences now? I noticed that for some reason, the rest of the families had their names printed directly as Cen Xxxx Xxxx. However, only for my hubby's family, their names were printed on the NRIC as Pang Xxxx Xxxx @ Cen Xxxx Xxxx. They only included an Alias which is a secondary name. I didn't ask my Father in Law why, but I figured that they want lesser hassles of going to every institution (like banks, insurance companies, schools, MOE, MOH etc etc etc) to update their names in records. Their original primary name is still legal. And because Cen is listed in the secondary name, we only need to fill in the primary name as per NRIC in many registration forms such as the schools or health booklet of my children. As for the birth of my children, my Father in Law gave us the instruction to "Do not use the word Pang anymore".

Same for passports, as only my hubby's primary name is printed on the passport, when we travelled with Big Brother last time, I also get very suspicious stares from immigration officer... I always ensure I have a copy of my son's birth certificate with me to prove that he is indeed my son.. our son.. 

My oh my! Such as insult to my dignity as a married woman! To always be questioned if my children's are my husband's real children!

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