Birth Story : Dramatic Day on the arrival of Kyne

Few days ago on 8 April 2013 during my scheduled Gynae's appointment, my gynae asked me if I am free on Wednesday or not? 

He would like to meet me at Thomson Medical Centre on 10 April 2013 at 7am to induce my baby (at 38 weeks plus 3 days +/-), because the baby was still in breech position just one week plus earlier, and as well as my untreated Group Strep B infection risk, it's better to induce than wait for natural labour!

I went home and quickly check my delivery bags, asked hubby to apply his leave, ate many ice creams and what nots, so as to prepare for the big day!

Turned out that this day really happened to be really very eventful and my labour hours was three times longer than the child birth of my eldest child, Kyle!

On 10 April 2013, Wednesday

515 am: I woke up and thinking it will be a long while till i can have a normal bath, i want to enjoy the last normal bath (before i forget the enjoyment of it!) and be as clean as possible so i went to bathe happily and diligently. Had a slice of Bengawan Solo's banana cake and milo as  breakfast.

615 am: We double check the bags to bring and left home and proceeded to the multi storey carpark.

620 am: We couldn't get the car started at all and realised the car's battery is dead!! Hubby started blaming me for not realizing it the day before cos i was the one that last drove the car (I am the weekday driver), he said over the weekends when he drove he already thought the sound when starting the car sounded weak! And then i started blaming him that if he thought the battery was weak, he should have acted on it instead of waiting for me to realised myself! We argued for a very short while (really like LOLx for our reactions cos i even doubted that he must be too anxious about the arrival of our 2nd baby thus must have started the car wrongly somehow) and then we very quickly reached the conclusion that the immediate thing is more of how and not why or whose fault.

630 am: I called my dad (a taxi driver) whom left home slightly earlier than us at 5+am to start his work day, to come pick us up instead. Then i recalled I am an AA member and I called up AA immediately to ask them to come down to change battery for me. I explained that I am supposed to go hospital to deliver now but my car battery is flat (sounds very serious right?? :P) But they were quite inflexible! The member must be present at the car else they will not entertain my request! I do not want to be out of car totally when i am away for 3 days of child birth! Thus i decided to wait for AA to come and I smsed my gynae.

While waiting for AA to come to our assistance, I quickly told hubby that we should go top up our cash card cos the credit is running low. But alas!! We walked to a few machines nearby our house and we couldn't top up either because hubby forgotten to take the cash card out of the car, he didn't bring the Posb atm card out for a posb atm machine or the cash card top up machine is faulty!!  The feeling is really like holy shit!! What's going on?? I was also sweating buckets of sweat! I should have sleep longer and forgo the bath la! I was telling hubby all these walks would have make me start the labor without Gynae's intervention liao la... this day just don't seem right!

735 am: AA arrived and we proceeded to change the car battery and test the car. Spent $175 on the new battery so early on the day I am giving birth to my son! Sobz my wallet!

805 am: We finally leave the carpark and proceeded to Thomson Medical Centre. But alas! the heavy traffic has already started and we were caught in a few heavy traffics road.

900 am: Gynae smsed to ask what time i will be arriving?? LOLx!! We finally arrived at the hospital two hours late from original time!

915 am: Because we were late, Gynae checked me before any other preparation can be done  and said that i am already about 3 cm dilated. He also helped to burst the water bag and labor officially started! Was then shaved and given enema etc. The nurses were super busy during this time and were not very helpful to me.. I asked for epidural since I am am going to take it anyway and was snapped at:  Now very pain meh? Wait la!  Wait till it's pain then ask for it!

1200 pm: Epidural was inserted and drip administered. Nurse checked and told me 3cm... Still 3cm!!?

130 pm:  Nurse checked again and told me 2 to 3cm... HUH!!!! Gynae came in to check too.... still 3cm!! Feeling very hungry, i asked if i can eat something since labour still far.. Nurses all said NO!

300 pm: Nurse checked and told me 4cm! Hurray! 

500 pm: Gynae came in to check and told me 3 to 4cm only. Seriously I was already very frustrated from keep hearing "3cm".. I asked gynae how? he said two options and I immediately knew what they are, so i quickly replied him I will wait!! There is already a lot of Blood in my  urine. Gynae said we give a deadline of total 12 hours of labor, if by 9pm still cannot dilate fully and baby can't descend, we will proceed with caeserean!! *Stresses to max level!!!* I asked Gynae this time if i can eat something or drink milo cos i am really super hungry!! Gynae said yes, drink some milo have a lil biscuits.. after a while, nurses came in and scolded me for having food! I replied my gynae said ok to it!! 

6+ pm: i was shivering from side effects of epidural, tearing a bit from the unsmooth day, praying for a needful miracle for a lousy day, sharing music with baby etc.. not sure if the stresses working me up or what... i could feel pain in my lower tummy! Complain to nurse very pain!!! Nurse checked and told me 6-7cm! Felt some relief finally there is a considerable improvement! Even with Epidural, I can feel some fast and furious  painful contractions! Asked the nurse if there is anything wrong with the epidural? How come so pain??

700 pm: Nurse said the first tube of epidural has finished and hanged the 2nd tube of epidural for me cos she said still long, one hour 1 cm only..... and then as i complained to her i am in pain, she decided to check my dilation again.. woah la!!!!! I am fully dilated leh!!! so within an hour i dilated from 4cm to 10 cm!! No wonder so pain lah!!! Quickly call my gynae and with total 4 pushes and baby Kyne arrived in my arms!

It's such a touching moment cos i hadn't really talk much to this baby during the whole pregnancy and even doubted myself if i could love another child..  this question cleared itself immediately when i hold my 2nd newborn in my arms... The moment I held him, I immediately know I love both my children as much, equally. The only difference is I had spent more time with the elder one than this younger lovely one...

i requested to breastfeed Kyne immediately but is amazed by how small he is compared to Kyle in my arms. Compared to Kyle, Kyne's head was one cm smaller, weighed 60g lesser, but is 2 cm taller than his elder brother! 

It was already close to 10pm when i am finally pushed up to my own ward and i was truly exhausted and in pain.. it's the first time i actually requested hubby to bring kyle home to sleep first because i am really really too exhausted and needed to rest. SOBZ! That was the first and only time i slept apart from my Kyle in 3.5 years since his birth!

Do the brothers look alike when born?

Do the brothers look alike when born?

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