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Baby! Don't grow up so fast!

All of sudden, my elder baby boy, Kyle is growing too fast since his baby brother, Kyne arrived. 

He seems to be more considerate & understanding and yet appears hurt & lonely. 

His feet also suddenly outgrown his shoes which some was only wore twice.. 

My dear baby boy! how i love you so! don't grow too fast! Mommy is not ready to let you go!! 

After the hiatus (from being too heavily pregnant to beginning of confinement), I finally bathe him myself yesterday & today, it's been so long since i saw the happiness and excitement on his face! 

I love him so much, if I can choose again, I will become a sahm earlier to spend more quality time with him!

Realistically Me

My father, whom been helping me to bring Kyle, to and fro from his nursery had always been telling me that, there are a lot of 三姑六婆 among the parents of his class, whom are very free to gossip outside the classroom everyday. 

[OVERHEARD] Yesterday, I finally feel good enough to bring Kyle to class myself and true enough! I overheard them discussing about me! At first I wanna scold them for being so busybody but i didn't in the end. I told my mother about it and she said that i am so realistic (现实):P

Woman A: this is the heavily pregnant that woman ah ?

Woman B: Ya, she is that one lo !

Woman A: when she give birth de?

Woman B: two weeks ago...

Woman A: Wah!!!! She slim so fast ah!!

The word SLIM made my day so i decided to let them bitch all they want! Hahaha. ;p

Display of love

I would love to think and believe that love is actually all around us, if we can remind ourselves to slow down to observe and appreciate. Tonight, I asked 3.5 years old Kyle if he wanna kiss 2 weeks old Didi good night and he said Yes. Kyle bent over and actually said to his brother "you're the best" and then he kissed Kyne's forehead!! I am so amazed and touched! Documenting the love between the brothers. I am looking forward to Didi Kyne growing up to observe how he loves his elder brother Kyle.

Confession: My Husband and My Children Have Different Surname!

My surname is Lim and in 2008, I married my husband, my true love, a man with his surname as Pang. 
Little did I know that troubles and inconveniences started only when I have our own children... This is because the children's surname is Cen. Their surname is different from their Daddy's.. I always get questioned by my elder son's school teachers to ask me if my hubby is the real daddy of my son? -_-""" 
So, what exactly happened and how the story goes?
When I knew my hubby, I knew his name as Pang XX. I always thought his surname was 冯. One day, when we bumped into my friends outside, my hubby, then my boyfriend, introduced himself as Eric Pang, and i am like stumped! I asked him later, why he gives a fake name to my friends?? He insisted that Eric is his name and i am like how come i never knew that? He showed me his NRIC... Yes, Eric is indeed his name.. The reason why he do not use the name Eric was because he never like this name given by his parents an…

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My 2nd prince - Kyne had arrived

Psst! If you do not know yet, I am in confinement now! Kyne is 3.5 days old now. I gave birth to Cen Kay Le, Kyne on 10 April 2013, after 10 long labor hours and yes!  It's not easy coping with two and I seriously wonder why the hell Chinese needs to do confinement when the ang mohs don't need?!
I am so exhausted from having not enough sleep and is sneaking naps whenever I can. Will blog on my birth story when things settled down.  :)

Birth Story : Dramatic Day on the arrival of Kyne

Few days ago on 8 April 2013 during my scheduled Gynae's appointment, my gynae asked me if I am free on Wednesday or not? 
He would like to meet me at Thomson Medical Centre on 10 April 2013 at 7am to induce my baby (at 38 weeks plus 3 days +/-), because the baby was still in breech position just one week plus earlier, and as well as my untreated Group Strep B infection risk, it's better to induce than wait for natural labour!
I went home and quickly check my delivery bags, asked hubby to apply his leave, ate many ice creams and what nots, so as to prepare for the big day!
Turned out that this day really happened to be really very eventful and my labour hours was three times longer than the child birth of my eldest child, Kyle!
On 10 April 2013, Wednesday
515 am: I woke up and thinking it will be a long while till i can have a normal bath, i want to enjoy the last normal bath (before i forget the enjoyment of it!) and be as clean as possible so i went to bathe happily and dili…

Kyle's first week in a new school

Last week, on 1 Apr 2013, was a new beginning for Kyle again. 
It's Kyle first day of school in the new nursery where we are staying at now.  For people whom do not know, i have moved our family of 3 from Jurong East (my parents in laws' house) to Seng Kang (my parents' place).  Main reason being, our very own BTO flat in Seng Kang will be ready very soon in another few months time and I might as well switch Kyle to the nursery in Seng Kang now when there are vacancies and Kyle can remain in the same school all the way until he needs to go Primary school. I will also have an easier time managing the renovation of the house by staying near where my new house is. :) 
So, though we were excited with changes happening this year - new additional family member as well as a home that we can finally call our very own, it's still a painful process to change school for little Big Brother Kyle. Changes are always more drastic to a young child although they can adapt faster than …

Tuesday's Thoughts : 20 questions about Pregnancy

Linking up with MummyMOO's Tuesday's Thoughts Linky, here's my answers to the 20 questions.

Kyle is my 1st child and Kyne is my 2nd child whom I am delivering in a few days time. :)

1. Was your pregnancy planned, and how old were you?

Nope for Kyle. We were really just newly wed then and didn't think that having a baby will be easy. We just let nature takes its course and didnt know i was actually pregnant when we thought i fell really sick. I was 26 then.

As for Kyne, we planned to have him but alas this baby took us exactly one long year to conceive!! Having Kyle so early after our wedding, I would have thought having a baby is an easy piece of cake! But to be honest, this long one year did made me so anxious.. and also I really learn to appreciate that every baby is a gift not to be taken granted of. I am still 30, turning 31 years old 10 days after giving birth to Kyne.

2. What were your reaction?

For Kyle, i was having stomach flu like symptoms (which we later …

Kyle and His Hair

Finally, yesterday i had enough of it.. I didn't care if i will do a botched job at cutting Kyle's hair myself again... and in a spur of a moment, I, very quickly, armed with only a thinning scissors, cut his hair front & back within minutes myself, right in the living room!

So now Kyle has transformed from his longest ever hair of 

To this!!! 

So today, i took a memory walk back at Kyle's hair styles and the different botched jobs i made so many times.. LOL!

Sweet Kyle sings Lullaby for Daddy

Something for remembering.. Just now, Kyle was really sweet..  he asked his daddy to close his eyes and began to sing a Lullaby (my version) while patting the daddy's chest... Lullaby, close your eyes..
Time to think of tomorrow...
La la la... la la la la... la la la la la la laaaa..Every time the daddy tried to open his eyes, Kyle will put his hands over to make him close his eyes.. Lullaby, close your eyes..
Time to think of tomorrow...
La la la... la la la la... la la la la la la laaaa.. It seems like yesterday that he was just a baby... and today he has grown and learnt so much...  Lullaby, close your eyes..
Time to think of tomorrow...
La la la... la la la la... la la la la la la laaaa..My sweetest baby boy now...  I love you!

Lesson Learnt : No bananas before meals

Every Friday now is also Fruity Day at Kyle's new nursery school. The school will not be serving any tea break on this day and parents are required to prepare small portion of fruits for the kiddos to bring to school to eat during their Friday tea break.
This being our very first Friday in this school, I had thought that a very good fruit to bring for Kyle will be his favorite Banana!! I was thinking so because Banana won't be messy, and it can lasts till tea break without turning brown.. 

Little did i know that, when we went to school 4 hours later to bring him home, we found Kyle with his hand crutching his stomach and his body cold..  :( :( :( I had forgotten that one shouldn't take banana on almost empty stomach as that will cause gastric pains! His breakfast was only milk and just happened that this morning he only took 100ml of milk!
Geez... BAD mommy! I quickly made a bottle of warm milk for Kyle and let him rest, while he waits for lunch.. 

Guess I have to prep…

Finding homes for disadvantaged children in Singapore

While most of us are still living happily in Singapore albeit the countless complains on the influx of new immigrants, poor transport system, seriously need revamping education system etc, Let's not forget that there are also disadvantaged children in Singapore that requires our attention.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has a Fostering Scheme where temporary foster homes are being found for children whose parents or guardians are sick and unable to look after them; or who are abandoned, neglected or ill-treated. These children will be given a safe and stable environment where they will be looked after and cared for until they are able to return to their families or be adopted.

MSF will be having the upcoming roadshows about the fostering scheme at the following locations and dates. If your family loves children and would like to help the disadvantaged children in Singapore, do visit them to find out more! It's also another way that we can teach our childre…

<--_<-- ||Reflections on Motherhood|| -->_-->

Recently, my emotions had been like on a roller coaster ride. 
I am at my 37 weeks now and Baby Kyne will be arriving anytime within a month. I have been doing a lot of reflections recently and it's really 感触良多.... Where should i start on my reflections??
Since young, I had always been the kind of person who plan every thing - on doing my homework, my study, my career, my work, my projects, my days in the weeks, my weekends, my wedding. I even plan what i want to wear the next day so i won't waste time every morning pondering over what to wear! I do not like to waste my time idling or waiting for something.. It's like i love to plan everything swee swee so I wont have too great a surprise or disappointment..  And when things do not go according to plan, i get frustrated, blown away or depressed.. Every time when i am thrown out of my original path, i will always quickly align myself so that i won't feel lost again. 
My first child was unplanned. We just let nature too…