Saturday, March 16, 2013

The color of feelings

One day last week, after we came home from KD's school, we were as usual lazing around to rest a while before taking our lunch.

I can't remember exactly what happened but KD was so mischievous again that i shouted at him and said "I am so angry now!"

To my surprise, he asked me back "Mommy, what color is angry? "

And then he went to his school bag and took out the folder of the week's work to show me...


He began by pointing onto each heart and asked me if I know what color it is and what it means... Before I could answer, he answered his questions himself too. Haha. Beige orange is for Happy, Blue is for Sad and Red is for angry! He said that I was red color just now!

It's really amazing what kids learn in school these days...

Another memory recorded for my reminiscent in my old days...


  1. Nice! I can now comment on your posts as opposed to when you were on wordpress. Love your writings about how you cope with #1 and preparing for #2's arrival.

    (btw, its Pauline from the Aprils mummies group)

  2. Hihi Pauline!

    Yes, i heard that Blogger suppose to be more user friendly.. so quickly move over when i still have time now.. Chuckles!

    Seeing more and more mommies popping feels so exciting and yet nervous at the same time ya? like life gonna change with a new family member already!!! i think i will feel the same touching feeling when carrying the nb in my arms again..



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