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What are the 10 principles of Good Parenting?

Recently i been doing many reflections on myself... With less than 3 weeks (probably less than 2 weeks left now) to the arrival of my 2nd Child and going through quite a few trials in this pregnancy... i did short-circuited many times on my elder precious child, KD, especially more now when he is showing more signs of insecurities! I could see the hurt on his 3.5 years old face. In my heart i am crying too, but i just couldn't control myself at times. 

Would like to share with you this article i came across extracted from Good Parenting: How to Raise a Healthy, Happy Child - MedicineNet:

Reviewed by William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR on 1/30/2012

1. What you do matters. Whether it's your own health behaviors or the way you treat other people, your children are learning from what you do. "This is one of the most important principles," Steinberg explains. "What you do makes a difference...Don't just react on the spur of the moment. Ask yourself, What do I want …

6 ways Parents Destroy Their Children without Trying

I saw this article on PrincessDanaDiaries, and would like to share what she blogged about with you.

Extracted from PrincessDanaDiaries Blog:

" I first saw this article yesterday via a friend's FB feed. Like a rude awakening, the article hits me like a brick...I spent the night ruminating over these thoughts in my head. The hubs and I have been questioning the effectiveness of our parenting methods on our fiercely independent, soon to be 5 year-old pre-schooler, with a stubborn and slightly self-centered streak (the perils of being an only child) and who sometimes lies to avoid punishments. For a quick tempered person like me, I find it extremely hard to discipline without anger. I find myself feeling exasperated when my discipline do not seem to produce the desired change in behaviour...then came these revelations.
I don't know if any parents are in the same shoes. We worry that if we do not guide and train her well now in her formative years, we may lose her forever. There…

Lil KD, big brother

I think it's probably the last two weeks that KD can enjoy being the only child. He had always been my little KD.. Now he is going to be a Big Brother!

Group B Strep Infection Drama during Pregnancy

Joining Rachel Teo on her Trial and Tribulation Linky Party, i shall share about what i went through the past two weeks. 
Last Monday on 11 Mar 2013, I received a call from my Gynae's clinic that I am tested positive for my Group B Strep test and i should go down to the clinic to collect some antibiotics for treatment.
On Tuesday, I went down to the clinic to collect the medication. However, I noticed that the antibiotics prescribed to me is the very one that was prescribed to me earlier in January for my sore throat! The problem is, a few hours after i took the antibiotics, my mouth swell and broke out in many ulcers. I am allergic to this antibiotics and i informed my Gynae to add into the list of my allergies. So the nurse told me to wait while they consulted the doctor. After a while i was called into the consultation room and my Gynae told me that he can't give me any antibiotics because i have allergies to Penicillin, Amoxicillin and Erythromycin.  He then only add on …

Science Centre and Outdoor Play

Remember our family of three (going to be four very soon!) are Cosmic Adventurers of the Singapore Science Centre? So naturally we go to the Science Centre pretty often, with visits getting more intensive now as long as my tummy permits. When #2 arrives, we will not have such luxury for at least some time already...  :)

The Science Centre big and full of interesting exhibits which is like totally impossible to complete in one or two days! Other than what i have covered previously about the Science Centre, today i will be covering on another part of KD's favorite hunt!

Fire Tornado Demonstration at 3pm daily except Mondays at the Courtyard

This is by far KD's most favorite exhibition. Just the images alone feels magnificent right? It's actually more amazing to watch it live... and very hot too!

KD had seen it so many times that he could reply out loud whenever the presenter asked the audiences what are the three items necessary to start a fire! Namely
i) Oxygen which is fo…

The color of feelings

One day last week, after we came home from KD's school, we were as usual lazing around to rest a while before taking our lunch.

I can't remember exactly what happened but KD was so mischievous again that i shouted at him and said "I am so angry now!"

To my surprise, he asked me back "Mommy, what color is angry? "

And then he went to his school bag and took out the folder of the week's work to show me...

He began by pointing onto each heart and asked me if I know what color it is and what it means... Before I could answer, he answered his questions himself too. Haha. Beige orange is for Happy, Blue is for Sad and Red is for angry! He said that I was red color just now!

It's really amazing what kids learn in school these days...

Another memory recorded for my reminiscent in my old days...

My Biggest Fan

When Hubby and I were dating, he loves taking photos of me. And so, every time we went out on our dates, there will surely be lots of photos of me eating, posing, talking, sipping a coffee, reading a book, playing the PSP etc etc. He made me feel like i am a gem in his eyes. Haha.

However, he stopped taking any pictures of me like 3 to 4 months after our wedding, when we both found out i was pregnant with KD.. You can imagine how ugly i had turned that i really dont have any photos from that pregnancy, with only one exception photo that i forced him to help me take while i was standing outside the delivery suites in TMC waiting for a room to delivery KD. I was not just bloated and my small butts gave way to big hips.. i had like at least 20 pimples or acne on my face anytime! :(

Anyway, i am still grateful for the many photos taken of me when i was young, very slim and pretty. That i can show to my children how Hot mama was last time. *LOLx*

Anyway, only when KD was born, I have my bigge…


Its weird and yet amazing how a pregnant mommy's thoughts and thinking process can become so jumbled up. Yesterday I had difficulties spelling the word February. O_o and then how come I am listing out my to do list every day and every week but it never seems to end? I have so many blog drafts i dunno which to complete first too.  Haha, and I am super lethargic with low energy levels.

Every morning, in the lift, is like a kaleidoscope of perfumes.. some pleasant yet some too overwhelming for my liking.  If these different smells can linger so long, I bet the owners intention must be to spray enough to last the whole day.. Anyone wonder before if smell can be an invasion of personal space?

Hubby left for Hong Kong yesterday, he told me to send him a list of items i need and he will help me get them..  I jokingly replied "You mean a Prada wallet also can?" And GUESS WHAT? HE really bought me a Prada wallet!!!! ↖(^▽^)↗Y(^_^)Y↖(^▽^)↗

I had slightly painful tummy cramps on off…

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Banana Muffins

Sharing and bookmarking a Healthy Chocolate Coconut Banana Muffins recipe by MamaPapaBubba

Kyle said Ya I know!

In the mornings, if hubby is in Singapore, he will help me to bring KD down to the car and buckle him onto his car seat so i won't have to carry the heavy KD.

After that, hubby will walk to the train station to go to work while i send KD to his school.

Today, KD was very awake instead of the usual sleepy boy, he waved bye bye and gave flying kisses to his Daddy while we departed.

Me : Do you know where Daddy is going?

KD : Ya!

Me: Where is Daddy going?

KD: Daddy go to eat noodles!


A Child's First Puzzle: Circle Tangram

Sharing another great buy that i bought for KD long ago! I think it's still available at the Popular Bookstore now. I bought it at SGD9.90 before my Popular Card Member discount. :)

On the surface, this Circle Tangram looks like a book, however it's actually a puzzle set!

It comes with 7 blocks in different colors and shape and with them, the player can put together to create endless possibilities of things that he can imagine - a cat, a tortoise, a fish and many more!

There are more than 30 ready templates with the outer outlines, for a child to fill in the shapes to form the pictures. Theses templates are also rated with their difficulties level so in the beginning, you can start off with easy puzzles until you get the hang of it. Of cos there is also an "answer sheet" which you can refer to if you couldn't manage to fill in puzzle in.

So it's always the case, when i purchased this, KD just turned two years old and he wasn't interested as well as couldn…

10 Things You Should Know about Breastfeeding

While preparing for the arrival of my 2nd newborn next month, I am taking time off to write this very long entry, hoping to encourage more moms to join me in this amazing breastfeeding journey too! I hope that whatever i write below can help inspire you to attempt and persevere to breastfeed for as long as you can, cos breastfeeding is a gift that a mom can give to her child only once in his lifetime, once the time had passed, you cannot give this gift again.

Before i became a mom, I had never thought much about breastfeeding at all, or even showed any interests to find out more from breastfeeding colleagues. When i hear about breastfeeding my reaction will be "Oh?! Ok..." Only when I was mid-way pregnant with my #1, then I began to question myself if I want or need to breastfeed my baby? But first, if I know nuts about breastfeeding, how am i going to make that decision of to breastfeed or not?

Being a very serious person that always seek to find out the truth myself, inste…

Do it myself book

Sharing a cloth book that I LOVE!!!

I had purchased it for KD when he was barely One Year Old, because I simply couldn't resist it that time! I can't remember the actual price and place that i purchased from, however it wasn't too expensive!

I been taking it out on and off to read to KD when he was younger (from 1.5 years to 2.5 years), and activities i did with him with this book were picture story telling using him as the character and what he is doing every morning, followed by me demonstrating how to do each tasks.. But i had kept it and forgotten about it until recently KD took it out again on his own..

To my astonishment, he was picture story telling to me about the book and demonstrating how to perform the tasks on his own! Who says children whom do not pay attention doesn't pick up anything? He was learning all along just that he did not display it!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Buttoning up - takes a lot off finger…