Packing Delivery Bags for Giving Birth in Thomson Medical Centre


Yes, though it's my 2nd one already (experienced mommy already) and i am only in my 31 weeks now, it's still not to be taken for granted to pack the delivery bags, especially with the pregnancy pea brain and depleting energy level? I only know one thing for sure, my bags are gonna be smaller & lighter than when i was delivering Kyle.

With seriously depleting energy levels coping with pregnancy and taking care of the elder child, i decided to quickly sort through my notes now and start parking my delivery bags little by little. The last thing i want is for myself or my hubby to be like a "Gan Cheong Spider" in last minute fanatic packing and scrambling just because we thought we are experienced and can leave it later.. Just like the comic below. Haha!


And since i have the information on my hand (and brains) now, why don't i blog it down and share it with fellow mommies to be? ; )

First of all, if you are delivering in Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) like me, you will be glad to know that the below are provided by TMC for the new born baby, that means lesser things to bring for going home with baby :

* A baby bag by the hospital to carry all the babie's barangs provided during the stay in the hospital
* A pair of mittens
* Baby Vests & Receiving Blanket (I brought along a set of brand new clothings and wrapping blanket to bring my #1 home but end up didn't use it at all! I find it totally unneccessary to bring a set of baby's own clothings at all cos the clothes that you buy are probably still too big for newborns, the hospital actually changed on a new set of the baby's vest and wrapped the baby nicely in a new receiving blanket just before discharge and he won't be going home in his birth day suit.)
* Disposable diapers (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Toiletries
* A box of tissue
* Wet wipes (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Diaper protection cream (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Sterile cotton balls (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Cord spirit (provided and chargeable by the hospital)
* Hand Sanitizer (provided and chargeable by the hospital)

TMC did recommend a list of what Maternity patients should bring, which you can find here. But i will share with you my own packing lists with notes for more information.

TIPS: Prepare at least 2 bags - one for labour and the other for use after your delivery when you are in the hospital room. This postpartum bag(s) should include items for your elder child & husband, and can be left in the car, in your ward or at home, to be brought to the hospital by your husband after you have given birth. This way, during labour, you know exactly where your stuffs are at the moment when you needed them, without you or your hubby pouring out stuffs from different bags to find that one thing you really need. You will also be able to walk in the admission counter in style with only ONE bag. Y(^_^)Y


So what goes into the labour bag and what essential things do you need while you are in the hospital?

Here’s a list of things to include in your labour bag:

1) Documents :
* Hospital Admission Papers
* Yours and your husband's Identification cards
* Marriage Certification (for registering baby's Birth in the Hospital^)
* Pre-delivery expense receipts (for claiming from Medisave#)
* An certified true copy or original copy of the bank account that you would like to submit to claim for baby bonus
* Cord Blood Kit & Documentation (if you are donating your baby's cord blood, which i strongly encourage you to do so)
* Telephone List of Confinement Nanny, Confinement Caterer, Massage Lady etc
* Birth Plan (Yes, you can have your ideal birth plan, but it's important to be realistic and trust your doctor and the professionals. I feel that having a relax & easy birth where i can conserve energy and be in good moods to meet the Very Important Little People for the very first time is my top most priority, so i will not fight against the doctor and nurses about shaving, making me poo, using epidural etc. The only thing i am very particular about is that i must breastfeed my baby as soon as possible after birth)

2) Relaxation items that will help you (and your spouse) relax while you are on labour :
* Mobile Phones & Chargers
* Music Player
* Earphones
* Hairbands for tying up your hair (and your spouse's too, if applicable. ;p)
* Spectacle or extra pair of contact lenses for yourself and spouse (if applicable)
* Essential oils, soothing music CDs, your favorite hanky, birthing ball, warm heat bag, massage oil, favorite pillows etc (my past experience told me that DON'T BOTHER about all theses.. it's not the birthing process that matters, it's being energetic and happy to make the best first impression with your baby and the future of watching your beloved baby grow up healthy and strong that really matters.. i will just asked to be hooked up on epidural and then totally relax and enjoy my last moments listening to music, reading a book or magazine, watching drama serials on the phone and SLEEP before the life changing event where i will turn into a zombified mother for at least the next 12 months... )

3) For recording the details and very important moments before and after childbirth:
* Camera, Video Camera and their chargers

4) For keeping warmth:
* Socks and Sweater (optional for mommy as i find it hot more than cold in the labour room. also, you can request for extra blankets from the staffs should you feel cold)
* Sweater for hubby (because usually husbands are more nervous and tired than the delivering wives. ;p )

5) Snacks & sweets
To provide you and hubby with energy while waiting during labour and after childbirth when you need to regain your strength. You may wish to prepare your own as food in the hospital cafeteria may be expensive or they do not have what you wish to eat. It's highly recommended that you go for a good hearty breakfast/lunch/dinner and spent a good quality time with your spouse before you admit to the hospital for delivery.

6) Maternity Pads
As i prefer to use the normal ultra slim and extra long soft cotton night pads (which are way more comfy) instead of the maternity pads. It's recommend that you put some into the labour bag so the hospital will not open a pack of those maternity pads with loops for you (which is chargeable too). Include a pack of your own disposable panties too if you do not want to use those provided by the hospital (which is chargeable too).


^ You can register your baby’s birth at either the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or major hospitals, ideally within 14 days from the date of birth. Registration at ICA currently cost S$18. Some hospitals may charge an administrative fee on top of the S$18. Note that more documents are required for foreigners registering for their child’s birth. See ICA website for details.

# You can claim some of the pre-delivery expenses related to pregnancy from your Medisave after your delivery. Hence, please keep all your receipts (e.g. for ultrasounds or consultations) and submit them to the reception when you are booked in to the delivery suite. Note that there is a maximum claimable amount of $450. See MOH website for more details.

Here’s a list of things you can put in your postpartum bag:

More Disposable Panties (recommended to buy cotton ones that are non-maternity which are more comfortable, can be found in Giant Supermarkets)

More Maternity Pads (recommended to use the extra long soft cotton night pads in place of maternity pads as it's more comfortable)

Nursing bra, Breast pads (optional as milk does not kick in so soon thus won't leak), Nursing Tea and Nipple cream if you plan to breastfeed your baby right after birth or whenever necessary.

Own Button Down Dressing gowns (easier for breastfeeding) in case you don’t like the robe the hospital provides and also a sweater for covering up if you would like to take a stroll.

Basic Makeup (if you want to look good in case of visits, do remember a makeup remover too. Include your favorite lip balm too. )

Your Own Favorite Toiletries & Skincare (Basic toiletries are provided by the hospital throughout your stay with TMC. However, you may also like to bring along your personal toiletries for a more comfortable stay, such as your own eye creams, facial wash, contact lenses etc).

Toothbrush, face towel, bath towel and changing clothes for the Hubby if he staying over with you.

Toothbrush, face towel, bath towel and changing clothers for the elder sibling if he/she is staying over with you. It's important to bring and present the congratulation gift to present to the elder sibling immediately during the siblings' first meeting. Also, bring along source of entertainment (ipad or favorite toys) to keep elder child entertained during the stay.

Going-home attire to use when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital.

Laptop which you can use to download pictures if you can’t wait to update friends of your childbirth but this can be optional.

A list of things to do after delivery:

- Text and inform parents, relatives and friends to announce arrival of baby
- Call confinement nanny during first day of hospital stay, if applicable
- Call massage lady, if applicable
- Call Confinement food caterer, if applicable
- Hubby to register birth at hospital (if you have names decided)
- Set up Child Development Account (
- Set up first gynaecologist and paediatric appointments
- Set up maternity leave arrangements
- Car seat (installed) which you need to bring your baby home.

Good luck with the baby and all the best for your delivery!

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