What's the universal S.O.S language?

This is a super lousy week for me.

I had very eeries nightmares going on during my sleep and the left leg cramp that happened on early Monday morning that i couldn't ease in time, left me limping for few days.

Hubby went Taiwan 3 days for work and only returned late yesterday night. So I begin telling him about my lousy week with his parents' domestic helper and I asked him for help.

Yesterday itself, after carrying heavy KD to the car just like every other morning,  my tummy started cramps and pain. Plus when I was running late to fetch KD from his school, I ran and caused my pelvic bones to be in pain... so much so that in the evening, I realised my tummy has dropped lower!

I told hubby that I really can't carry kd any more and asked him for ideas how to bring kd to his car seat. He said he will help me carry kd to the car in the mornings.

But this morning, my hubby woke up later than me. Kd was awoken and started screaming for his mommy. I was busy combating the ants that got into his milk powder and having my quick breakfast. Hubby just bathe and changed and said he needs to go! I was seriously left very frustrated with a fussing boy and aching tummy! I kept on thinking why didn't he help me change kd diaper and into his uniform? What's a few more minutes to leave the house together so he can help me bring kd to the car?  Why is it so difficult to ask for help?

I will be a super mom to kd if I am not pregnant now. And I will be a super successful sales person if I didn't even have kd. But I am happy to have both lil angels and I am doing everything willingly. Just that I am a human too and I know my body condition way better than anyone.

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