Thursday, January 10, 2013

Papa.. Mama.. Kayden.. I Love You..

This had to be documented cos it's one of those very precious memories of my son's growing up years...

i love you this much

Kids' ways of saying "I love you" are always so sweet and memorable...

I don't know who taught KD that, but months ago, when KD was 2.5 years old.

He will always point out fishes or animals and said pointing to the biggest one "Papa..." then he will point to another big one as "Mama..." then he will point to a tiny or smaller one "Kayden..." And he will end with the action of hugging himself and said "I love you!"

For example,

while we were watching the "Journey to Artic" at Omni Theatre at Science Centre, cos there were only two polar bears, he will tell me that the big one is Mama and the small one is Kayden and "I love you!"

Same for when we go out and see fishes in ponds, aquariums etc.

this is sweeeeeeeeeeet. ;)

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