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28 weeks

Time flies. Baby be good and mommy will also take good care of myself.

We will see u in another 83 days or so. :)

What's the universal S.O.S language that people will understand?

I need help and I am serious about it! !

What's the universal S.O.S language?

This is a super lousy week for me.

I had very eeries nightmares going on during my sleep and the left leg cramp that happened on early Monday morning that i couldn't ease in time, left me limping for few days.

Hubby went Taiwan 3 days for work and only returned late yesterday night. So I begin telling him about my lousy week with his parents' domestic helper and I asked him for help.

Yesterday itself, after carrying heavy KD to the car just like every other morning,  my tummy started cramps and pain. Plus when I was running late to fetch KD from his school, I ran and caused my pelvic bones to be in pain... so much so that in the evening, I realised my tummy has dropped lower!

I told hubby that I really can't carry kd any more and asked him for ideas how to bring kd to his car seat. He said he will help me carry kd to the car in the mornings.

But this morning, my hubby woke up later than me. Kd was awoken and started screaming for his mommy. I was busy combating the ants that…

27 weeks

It's already 27 weeks now and baby is 1kg already.. Good job mommy and baby!


I am hooked

It's really fun going to the school to fetch KD home. For many days this week, I hid at corners to peek into the classroom to see what my son is doing. Somehow every time I got found out by him within minutes, and he will happily and very loudly announced to his class that "Yeah! It's my mommy! My mommy is here! YIPPEE! ", pointing at me.

Observing him made me a proud mama. *bleam with pride*

Below are photos which will become part of my very precious memories that I will reminisce when I am old. Thank you hubby once again for allowing me to be able to have this kinda days.

LOL! And he is always the first to dash out of the class even if teachers told him to wait.  *haha*

What a clown!

There are days when I simply don't know what to do with KD! He will do something which will not make my blood boil anymore, but made me really feel "Gosh! I am really very tired of this!".

The above is one example of days when he throws tantrums and is difficult to handle.

And so happened that this was the day I had slight fever and seen doctor but had drug allergy that caused my mouth to swell and break out with so many ulcers. My airways was inflamed, thus I don't even have the strength to scream at him.

But I guess this is something that I will show to him in future. And probably force him to show on his wedding day. :p

Fun with Tots Series @ Public Library

Yesterday while at the library, we chanced across this brochure below and i feel it's too interesting that i must share!

Fun with Tots Series @ Public Library. Apparently, it's available in many libraries. It's a total of 6 fun filled sessions to engage a parent and child in helping us to introduce our little ones to 6 early literacy skills! Every session is only limited to 20 pairs only. And is recommended for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years old. It only costs SGD2 per session for a pair of parent and child. A token will be given if you registered for all 6 sessions.. but Alas!! I saw this too late and there is only the last session available for the library near to our home... :( .

If you are interested, please do go to this link quickly to check and register if there are any available in a library near by your home. :)

Super random thought of my day

I didn't buy a car to chauffeur others 随传随到, neither did I quit my job to become an 阿四 leh. I am 阿一二三四五六七八九十 to my son and hubby already..

So, what comes around goes around! Cos my hubby said I am quite a revengeful person.

Let's read books!

I brought Kyle to the library after his class today. :)

Instead of borrowing books, today we sat down and I read to him right there! Am amazed he managed to sit through 3 books today! Usually I can't even finished one before he ran away. 

The three interesting books we read today are

This great house hunt has alot of pictures and no paragraphs of words but is like a comic strip.  So instead of me telling Kyle the story, he told it to me instead through his eyes!

I am enjoying this kinda life while I can cos when number two arrives, I really dunno how I can bring Kyle to the library any more!


I left with the struggling KD crying at the door of his class today. It's for his own good. Three hours later, I returned to pick him up and was peeping in to see what he's doing.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="The happy boy was very happy that the class is ending and teachers are asking them to put on their shoes."][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="He spotted me and shouted so loud that everyone outside can hear YIPPEE!! MY MOMMY IS HERE! YIPPEE!"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="He is so going to run out immediately and when teacher stopped him, he burst ouy crying again that he wants his mommy! "][/caption]

Lol! The school and other parents thought that I took care of KD since he's young thus he is so attached to me. They were stunned when i said no, he was in infantc…

Papa.. Mama.. Kayden.. I Love You..

This had to be documented cos it's one of those very precious memories of my son's growing up years...

Kids' ways of saying "I love you" are always so sweet and memorable...

I don't know who taught KD that, but months ago, when KD was 2.5 years old.

He will always point out fishes or animals and said pointing to the biggest one "Papa..." then he will point to another big one as "Mama..." then he will point to a tiny or smaller one "Kayden..." And he will end with the action of hugging himself and said "I love you!"

For example,

while we were watching the "Journey to Artic" at Omni Theatre at Science Centre, cos there were only two polar bears, he will tell me that the big one is Mama and the small one is Kayden and "I love you!"

Same for when we go out and see fishes in ponds, aquariums etc.

this is sweeeeeeeeeeet. ;)

Don't pity or console me cos i don't need it leh

Hmm.. i always get funny reactions when i tell people i am having the 2nd prince..

once again, though i didn't tell it straight into the face of theses people, but i really feel like telling the world, there is no need to pity or console a parent with multiple boys or multiple girls.. There is nothing to be sad or sorry about and.... we are not the only ones in the world leh. There are so much people out there whom have only boys or only girls..

Patience is what a child & parent need

School for KD has been as usual but he has improved today, 15 minutes before the dismissal then he started crying so loud that everyone outside can hear.  Moments later, the principal opened the door and allowed him out. So far he has been having the special privilege of being the first to go home.. the moment he is outside the classroom, he is all smiley already though there were leftover tears on his face. -_-" Principal said that he cried on off after I left.  :p

For the past few days KD had been refusing his lunch.  It always end up with him crying and me in anger. I told myself that I can't be beating or screaming back at him every day. So today, I tried a new approach instead of bargaining with him to finish his food then I give him whatever he wants. I brought him home immediately after class and started on activities prior to lunch! Activities that he will love and enjoy!

We did so much today! Playdoh, finger printing, painting,  and a brand new activity!

[caption id=…

Fishes swimming in the S.E.A Aquarim

I love this scene... magnificent isn't it? i find staring into the aquarium therapeutic. i was standing for a long time in front of this gigantic deep sea aquarium..

i will be tired too

Is "tired" the correct word to describe this feeling? or maybe "exhausted" is the correct word.

i had to wake early and accompany the boy to his orientation at nursery and couldn't leave as the boy is like a koala bear clinging on to me. i had to go through the emotional burden of watching the boy cries and cries for his mommy but harden myself to not feel too much about it. after his class, i had to take all his nonsense and frustrations, as a result from his stress in his new environment. Crying, screaming, rejecting food, jumping on me and kicking & beating me. meal times are struggles because he refuses to eat more than 5 spoonfuls now. other than that, i bathe him twice a day, tried to continue with some activities with him and in layman sentence, be his slave. I also bring him out in the afternoon to places he would like to go to compensate him for the stresses he been thru in the new environment in the morning.. all when i am already 25 weeks plus pr…

Spot KD

See if you can spot Kyle.  :) please pardon the blurness, I am like a 狗仔队 hiding to snap pictures.

I am proud of my son. though he always end up crying and end up going home earlier than the stipulated time. it's just a part and parcel of growing up phase.