Sunday, December 09, 2012

SSO Babies' Prom

We went for the SSO Babies' Prom 10th anniversary show! Actually, when KD was one, we brought him there before and he fell asleep less than halfway through the show!

Now that he is three, we decided to try again and have both agreed that KD has absolutely no classical music interests! :p He prefers actions, movements, fast music or raps etc.. The only thing that KD was most interested in, was the music piece from Super Man theme song!

For myself, I was also looking forward to a 10th anniversary show, however, I feel its not as good as the one that I have seen two years ago, so I guess I can save my $$ in future then.

Upon arrival, it's photo taking time! We also bump into some of KD's friends! 20121210-172903.jpg 20121210-172857.jpg 20121210-172925.jpg

We signed up for some trading account so that we could get this shasha bear for KD. He has a thing for bears now..

While seated inside the theatre and waiting for the show to start, of course mommy has to cam whore a bit! :p 20121210-172931.jpg 20121210-172937.jpg 20121210-172945.jpg

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