Immersing in Playdoh Fun

Tips: Many of the items that we purchased for KD are wrapped nicely in left over wrapping papers, and kept aside until we feel it's ready to give to KD. We can't stop ourselves from buying, neither did we want to spoil him with too much toys at one go and not learning to appreciate his toys. Thus we came up with this ingenious method, which can at the same time makes the child really very happy to receive a surprise presents for no particular reasons. :)

Today, I feel it's time to give this particular present to him as I am a little tired of the other toys already (let alone him!) and I know he will not to put the dough into his mouth and thus tadah~ I presented the present to him and watch him tear it open.
20121210-174709.jpg 20121210-174716.jpg

It's Playdoh Cookie Monster's Letter Lunch Set!

20121210-174852.jpg 20121210-174859.jpg

I particular like this because it has the moulds of all the alphabets as well as KD loves watching Sesame Street, same as his Mommy! And guess what? I didn't had to prepare loads of activities to entice him to sit down for half an hour today! We actually spent close to an hour just playing with this Playdoh!

Cutting, rolling, pressing, flattening, moulding, identifying and feeding Cookie Monster! Definitely a lot of finger play and fun for both him and me! I am surprised he is quite focus and attentive too!

20121210-175315.jpg 20121210-175322.jpg 20121210-175328.jpg 20121210-175336.jpg 20121210-175404.jpg 20121210-175409.jpg 20121210-175355.jpg

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