Wednesday, December 12, 2012

F is for Colorful Fish

My child, KD, really loves painting a lot! I think it's pretty all right as long as its something he enjoys in.

It's "F is for Fish" and we painted with watercolor today! I asked KD what colors would he like to use and he dictated using green, red, orange, blue and black (BLACK?!! I asked him not to use black this time round though..)

He could do most of the painting himself, but I still hold his hand when he is painting near borders though, helping him to paint within the lines.






And yes, now he loves Playdoh a lot too. Every day since Monday, he will ask me for Playdoh with Cookie Monster time. I kept the box high up on his cupboard and I was surprised that he could actually climbed onto a chair, onto his table, onto my table and to reach up to the box! And yes, we could easily spend 30 mins quietly sitting down with Playdoh. Money really well spent on it!

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