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24 weeks

My tummy is huge! This is almost the same size as I was in 32 weeks when having KD.. The stretching is making me so uncomfortable and wonder how to tahan till 40 weeks? I hoping to deliver 2 days before edd so this bb has same birthday as me!

Thank You! You are welcome!

Since morning, KD kept requesting to go to a temple to "bai bai" (pray). So we brought him to one temple and pray. 

After praying and making a donation, we took one of the sweets and passed to him.

KD said:

"Yippee!! Thank you Amituofo! You are welcome!!"

Me : @.@""


I think it's right not to force the kid until he is ready.  I was always pressurised by KD's childcare teachers,  grandparents,  peers about making kd recognise alphabets and writing. :S

A check with the Singapore Mommy Bloggers Group and I was reassured. It's perfectly ok and normal!  Let's give the 3 year old a break!

So I stopped forcing him to hold a pencil or pen to write together. Instead I always ask him what he would like to do and most of the time he chooses painting. 

Today, he wanted to do playdoh and doodling! I am surprised on the doodling part because he usually dislike holding the markers!  Its free hand and style for him to draw whatever he wants. :) we drew faces actually.  He said he drew eyes,  nose and a mouth so I also drew my version.  Think this is fun. Shall try more of this in future.

See! Such good life! He ended up watching a movie on ipad,  a drink by his side,  a yummy finger in his mouth! ! I noticed he started putting his fingers into…

Santa's Surprise Party @ Science Centre Singapore

There is a free Christmas show going on within the Science Centre (entry to science centre payable) daily from 19 to 25 December 2012. There are two sessions a day at 1pm and 4 pm and tickets were given out 45 mins before the shows start!

We finally made time to visit today so that we could catch this show! Tomorrow is the last day and last two performances, so do go if you do not want to miss!

The show is about elves that wanna prepare and get ready a surprise party for santa and includes many experiments that wowed both adults and children.  The performers are humorous and the acts are funny too. There is no photography or videography during the show so... do catch it if you can!


After the show, we also walked around the exhibits today and we managed to see a chick that just hatched!

Science Centre Observatory Starry Friday Nights Parties

The very first time i was exposed to stars was when i was in Secondary school and for the school's anniversary event, we had to choose certain projects that we would like to do and attend some workshops on it. i took astronomy but i do not know what to expect. i also wondered why we had to go to science centre on a weekday late evening.. but i was in awed and totally blown off after i watched the video presentation and brought up to the observatory! it's the coolest thing i ever seen! the dome like structure opened up like in transformers movies and the ultra gigantic telescope! i never forget the images i seen from looking through the scope..

So, that's then. Now, Science Centre Singapore still holds a free session for the Stars Observation on every Friday night from 730pm to 10pm. In this December, they actually jingles up the stargazing a little with fun-filled activities.

We went there last Friday on 21 December 2012. KD was very excited when we were there, he took the…

23 weeks

It's actually 22 weeks and 6 days. :)

Bliss is.. Simple

To me, bliss is to be able to catch all aspect of the the growing child.

Between the father and son

I always love to watch the father playing with the son. A father's love is very beautiful too.

Build Building Blocks

I personally feel that blocks are one very excellent tool of learning for kiddos. When i was young, my mom will just use a set of poker cards to play with me many interesting games and it can keep me entertained for hours.. we played mainly memory games and that might explained why i had strong memory and is able to study very easily.

KD particularly like blocks too. Just that probably he is only 3yo now, it can only keep him entertained for around 10 to 15 minutes. He is the one that initiates pulling the box of blocks out from his learning box.

With the blocks, we can:
1) Build them into tall towers, a long choo choo train, as well as build many different shapes quickly
2) Count them
3) Separate them one by one to this is for mommy, and this is for KD
4) Identify the shape and color printed on the blocks
5) Sort them accordingly to different shapes or different colors
6) Show him a combination of blocks and ask him to recreate exactly the same

The possibilities are endless, it all depends on…

22 weeks

I keep on having heart burns that happened throughout the day.  Acid burning all the way up at the throat.

Not forgetting to mention the pelvic bone pains and ribcage pains too. :s

It's ok! The sensation of baby moving soothes me. See you in another 16 to 18 weeks!

Stamping Stamp Fun!

We have got many stamps at home and one day KD just dragged them out of the box. "Mommy! I want this!"

And here we go~ this really simple activity that allows us to spend 15 minutes or so and its also loads of fun plus learning too! Try it too!

KD learnt about:
1) identifying colours
2) identifying animals
3) looking and matching for the same picture and stamp again
4) finger play for motor skills development
5) circle with pencil which two pictures are the same

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="672"] Colourful animal stamps[/caption]

I have a monkey at home

[caption id="attachment_688" align="alignnone" width="240"] At the fitness stations in our estate..[/caption]

F is for Colorful Fish

My child, KD, really loves painting a lot! I think it's pretty all right as long as its something he enjoys in.

It's "F is for Fish" and we painted with watercolor today! I asked KD what colors would he like to use and he dictated using green, red, orange, blue and black (BLACK?!! I asked him not to use black this time round though..)

He could do most of the painting himself, but I still hold his hand when he is painting near borders though, helping him to paint within the lines.

And yes, now he loves Playdoh a lot too. Every day since Monday, he will ask me for Playdoh with Cookie Monster time. I kept the box high up on his cupboard and I was surprised that he could actually climbed onto a chair, onto his table, onto my table and to reach up to the box! And yes, we could easily spend 30 mins quietly sitting down with Playdoh. Money really well spent on it!