Monday, November 19, 2012

Sometimes, only the mother knows..

While Mommy is in the bathroom...

KD: Daddy! Do you want to play gown?

Daddy: huh? playground? it's very dark now..

KD: Daddy!! Do you want to play gown? play gown with me? play gown..

Daddy: Cannot it's night time now..

Mommy quickly opened the bathroom door and said: Daddy, KD wants to play gun. He is asking you to help pass him the "guns" on top of the cupboard (referring to his blue and orange inhalers)

Sometime, there are things that only the mom will understand. *smirks* ;) And that's because a mother has more patience and spends that tiny weeny bit more time to understand her child.

p/s: of cos i must thank hubby for giving me the opportunity to look after KD myself so that i can immerse more into this bliss that once passed will never return - my son's growing up years. Thank you Arber!

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