Thursday, November 08, 2012

Presents for KD

20121107-202940.jpg 20121107-202947.jpg 20121107-202953.jpg 20121107-203004.jpg 20121107-203037.jpg 20121107-203049.jpg 20121107-203054.jpg

Tips: We always wrapped up all the toys that we bought for KD using old wrapping papers and kept them aside. We will give it to him when time is right, such as when he reached a certain age to be able to appreciate, to make his day and etc. :) This way, we made him very excited and happy, he also gets to learn to unwrap a present and of cos appreciate the toys better cos we will only give him the next present when he is throughly done with the previous one..

p/s: NOW... i am wondering if i should wrapped back those old toys that KD doesn't play anymore for the 2nd one to unwrap! Hahaha

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