Friday, November 09, 2012

It's "B" day!

Haha, I am tempted to be a lazy mom but its my child so how lazy can I be before starting to feel guilty?

The 36 months old KD has really short attention span and I had to be quick in my activities with him, which can be quite a challenge! :) he doesn't like to hold a pencil to write yet so I had to attract him with colors and he loves to paint.

Today, we did a recap on Letter "A" and quickly move on to introducing the Letter "B".
I gave him two pieces of broccoli and said Broccoli starts with Letter B, and we are going to paint using a broccoli today! B is also for Banana and Bear!
20121109-113752.jpg 20121109-113758.jpg 20121109-113803.jpg 20121109-113809.jpg 20121109-113816.jpg 20121109-113823.jpg 20121109-113838.jpg

And of cos! The iPad can be a great tool for a quick break! KD chose the game fish hook and I am surprised he actually know how to solve the puzzles on his own! I take it as some IQ training for him. :)
20121109-113844.jpg 20121109-113849.jpg

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