Cultivating a good habit - Reading

Tips: You know how children grew out of all the stuffs very quickly? So there is actually no need to buy books for the kiddos when u have access to a mountain of books all over the Singapore island! Not only books, you can borrow VCDs and DVDs for your precious to watch his favorite educational cartoons too!

Before KD arrived, i already had the habit of borrowing books and magazine for myself to read. When KD was just a few months old, I applied a library card for him (so that i can borrow more books for myself and him) and had been borrowing books and CDs! It's amazing how you can find so many interesting books even for new babies! Black & white strong contrast images, Flip a flap, peek a boo, touch and feel etc.. For videos, KD's favorite was the Sesame Street Music Video VCD which he is still watching again and again now even when he is 3 years old.

Now that I am a stay at home mother, I bring KD to the library once fortnightly. We spent time in the library browsing through many books as well as me selecting some books with themes that i would like to cover on for KD. There are activities corners setup where your kid can spend (a day's) time on... Interesting books and DVDs we borrowed today are:




Another tips to add on:
Borrowing too much books and CD/DVDs at one go? You can apply for a free library card for your child as soon as he is born so you can borrow more books. Look out for holidays announcement as sometimes the library also run "promotion" and increases the number of books you can borrow... Still not enough? Applied for a People Association Members card and you have premium library privileges to borrow up to 16 items at one go! :D

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