Baby, I love u too!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My Tummy on 25 Oct at week 14[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My Tummy on 20 Nov at week 18[/caption]

I did not really announce my pregnancy to many cos
1) Probably it's the 2nd time now and thus i have grown and matured, i dont need the attention anymore. :)
2) Those who really need to know, knows. And others are probably not as important to me
3) I have heard too many stories on MC etc, i just want to be real careful

But "When are you having a second one" is a very common question that humans will ask. It's part of the routine questions of life.. How's your results? When you have gf/bf? How is your work? When getting married? When have baby and etc. Having a baby is a happy thing and thus it's natural that people will be curious and want to know.

So, apart from when i am gonna have my 2nd child, the next question will be Boy or Girl? :p I used to wish and hope for a girl right after delivery of KD (boy) cos I feel that a girl will care for her parents more..  i wanted company in my old age and a girl is always more sweet and dear.. Also, if i have a girl, i can fuss over her when she is getting married and pregnant and gives birth to my previous grandchildren that came from MY GIRL's stomach... That's how i felt. And at the beginning of this pregnancy, I was getting hopeful that it will be a girl cos of all those pregnancy symptoms i had. I told myself that if it's a boy again I will definitely cry cos every time i hear others have multiples boys i feel "Aiya!" for them. However! When the Gynae told me that this bb is very likely to be a boy again, I didn't cry at all! I was just very shock and wonder "WAH! How am I going to be a SAHM with two boys?! Boys are always known to be more active and playful!"

The recovery happened very quickly because it's really easy! All babies regardless of gender are so precious! Especially my own! I love my own babies loads! A parent's love won't be any lesser because the child has a flaw or fall short of expectation! it's nothing to do with baby's fault and it's just predestined that we will have two boys. :) The gender and the life of our children is not something that we can choose in life like "I wanna buy a black dress or red bag". No thing is to be taken granted of in this world. We should be grateful for a happy and healthy child cos what's more important than that? My life doesn't end here! It just starts again! :) According to Hubby, he said that nothing is stopping us from having our third or fourth child. :) And besides, boys are actually easier to care for and not as worrying and expensive as raising girls. Girls are as active and playful too and having two boys means they can play together without me playing with them. Raising either genders will have its own pros and cons so why worry? Just take everything into my strive.

For my 2nd pregnancy, all the pregnancy symptoms showed much earlier and are more severe. At first I thought if I was carrying twins if not how come my morning sickness was so severe! Then I began to think if it could be of a different gender.. But haha I was wrong too!

My morning sickness started very early from week 4 and the vomiting was very bad as compared to when I was carrying KD. When I was having KD, at most I vomit like 2 to 3 times a day, but this time round, at the peak of my morning sickness, I was vomiting up to 10 times a day! So bad that Gynae suggest I go to the hospital for drips! I also forget to mention about my pimples and acne!! They started popping right from the beginning as compared to when I had KD, they started only around the 5th month! :S I guess it must be due to ageing and thus symptoms are more obvious now. I also do not have much appetite at all, most of the time I am eating for the sake of filling the stomach. And cravings are pathetic. Everything that worked for me during KD's time cannot work for this baby - sour plum, ribena, soya milk & soya beancurd, sweets, mints, milk, milo and etc. I only crave for curry and spicy stuffs probably, but is also no no for the stomach. I wonder if this baby is a real fussy eater? It amazing to see how KD loves to eat all the food that were my favorites when i was preggie with him! So this time round does that means my 2nd baby dont like to eat? haha! We will see!

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