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It's detailed scan day!

Today, at 19 week and 3 days, is the detailed scan appointment for my 2nd baby. Hubby was outstation so too bad. :( I had my sister to accompany me and KD for the detailed scan.

Can you imagine, right up till when we were doing the detailed scan, KD still said that it is a Mei Mei (sister) inside my tummy. So we finally able to correct him now that its so obvious and confirmed. Check the image below, the thing sticking out is his penis. Haha!

The baby is active, always wiggling and loves to lie face down to hug my spine. Kind of like how KD loves to sleep after he is born, hugging my like a koala to sleep. :) We had to keep asking him to turn so we can scan.

Dear baby, 5 more months to meeting you! Be a good boy and grow well!

It's Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Show Day

It's really a very tiring and long day but glad it all end well.

My first attempt at bringing KD for a big show all by myself. The Disney Live show is at Marina Bay Sands and parking is atrocious! Took me one hour to find a lot inside with the massive jams internally. It also took me an hour to get out of the massive jams internally too! All because of vehicles that parked illegally and blocked the traffic! I think they do not have enough wheel cramps for the illegal parking vehicles. -_-""

Overall, the theatre at MBS is smaller, so I think even though if seated behind will be fine cos the stage is near. We were seated the 7th row from front and its just nice! Lucky KD had the booster seat else he can't see! :) I am glad he enjoyed! It's worth it!

Tips: if you spent $20 at any retail, you can redeem parking for free. So in our case, if you bought a pair of show tickets, you can also redeem parking for free. I guess that explains the jams. So, if you receive the co…

18 weeks

That's me at 18 weeks. :)

It's D Day!

Today is "D" day.. Not "D" as in Delivery Day or Driving Test Day. It just that we are starting on Alphabet D.

D is for durians which we been eating for the past two weekends. :D KD painted the durian all by himself

D is also for deer. And we used stickers dots (which also starts with D) that i purchased from Diaso, to decorate the deer. This is a new activity for KD! It allows KD to differentiate between smallest, small and big circle dots! He also get to do finger play to develop the fingers movement as the stickers are small, he struggled a bit before he is able to stick them on.

And remember about the sticker book that I mentioned previously that I purchased from Diaso? We had a nice "tour" covering more sections of the zoo and safari, identifying animals, categorizing them and sticking the correct animals at their respective enclosures. I am glad that one need not really bring the children to the real zoo to teach them about the animals.. It will be …

Family day out at Sentosa

It's Sunday and of cos we will not let a great weekend goes to waste!

Two weeks back, we have applied for the Sentosa Islander membership at only $50 nett for annual unlimited entry into Sentosa for up to 5 immediate family members if we all walk in (or take the tram in for free!) If you drive in, all the members on board in your car will enter Sentosa for free. :) You can also submit your vehicle details and IU number for a quicker auto gate entry into Sentosa. Since we had the islander card, we had been into Sentosa thrice.

As usual, since it's always raining mainly in the noon or late afternoons, a quick check with the weather forecast, and we have arrived in Sentosa at 10+am! We went to the more family friendly Palawan Beach and unload our stuffs pretty quickly. We had a big picnic mat, 2 chairs, sandwiches, fruits, tidbits and icy cold water! We also brought along a soccer ball, bubbles launcher and KD's sand play bag. The highlights of the day is of course KD's f…

A perfect mother loves her children deeply


Simplicity Joy

It's really intriguing observing little children playing and I always can't help but wonder, why and how did adults lose this ability to be happy so easily?

There are two activities which I really enjoy to watch KD at play. One is when he plays the swing at the playground, and the other is when we are playing with Bubbles!! His laughters are like such soothing music to my ears, or nope... more like the fingers caressing the strings of the guitar in my heart to a lovely tune! His joy is infectious! It's those moments where I feel that whatever shit I have been through, IT'S WORTH IT! :)

I bought a Turbo Bubbles Launcher from Giant at only $10.XX! It works wonders and saves my lungs from manually blowing bubbles for KD! It can release so many bubbles at any one press making the scene really beautiful like in a dreamland or fairly tale. Watch a video of him at Bubbles Play. :)

Baby, I love u too!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My Tummy on 25 Oct at week 14[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] My Tummy on 20 Nov at week 18[/caption]

I did not really announce my pregnancy to many cos
1) Probably it's the 2nd time now and thus i have grown and matured, i dont need the attention anymore. :)
2) Those who really need to know, knows. And others are probably not as important to me
3) I have heard too many stories on MC etc, i just want to be real careful

But "When are you having a second one" is a very common question that humans will ask. It's part of the routine questions of life.. How's your results? When you have gf/bf? How is your work? When getting married? When have baby and etc. Having a baby is a happy thing and thus it's natural that people will be curious and want to know.

So, apart from when i am gonna have my 2nd child, the next question will be Boy or G…

Tips on bringing your child out this rainy holidays

Not sure if any mommies faced the same issues as me. As i had only become a SAHM officially for 3 weeks, and it happened to be year end where it's the rainy season.. it's impossible and not healthy for the child to really stay at home all day, so part of our SAHM days include excursions and outings too.

However, it's really not easy to cope to bring a child out and be trapped in heavy rain with thunderstorms.. so I have become experienced in planning the days too and would like to share some tips with fellow mommies for bringing your children out, especially for this rainy holiday season. :)

1) Make a list of places that you would like to bring your child to and the activities that you can do there. Have a mental note on how near and far the places are from your home.

2) Install the myENV App by the National Environment Agency on your iphone or search for the app on your android phone

3) Check the Weather forecast every morning (it's pointless to check at night for ne…