Don't be too anxious Baby!

Dear baby KD,

M0mmy loves you alot. Daddy too. Although he seldom talks to you now. :) That's because he cannot feel u like mommy feel you yet. You are still inside my tummy now and when you are born, daddy will begin to realise and love your existence. :)

Mommy was admitted to KK Hospital on 31 aug 2009 for pain in the tummy. You were only 32 weeks old in my womb. They called this premature labour. And thus medications are given to stop the contractions. Mommy also endured taking the 2 very big and painful injections at my thighs for you. These are to help protect your lungs in case you are born premature. Mommy never knew how strong i could be in my life, until i had you. :)

On 1 sept 2009, Mommy thought she can be discharged but she is not allowed, because she is still having contractions even though no longer in pain.

On 2 sept 2009, Mommy thought she could finally go home! But she can't because now.. the medical staffs told me that your heart beat is not ideal!

What happened to you baby? Are you heart broken that you cannot be out so soon? Don't be! You will need to grow stronger and bigger for this world! And mummy will tell you about everything that has happened during this time.. just another 50 more days away.. can you wait? :)

I love you baby. Your every movements make me a happy Mommy. Be a strong boy.

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