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Review + Giveaway + Discount Code: Durian Delivery!

You know, every year during the durian seasons, I watched with envy (or.. maybe jealousy?! haha) the pictures after pictures friends posted on social media of their durian indulgences!

Why? Because it's simply too difficult for our family to go buy the durians ourselves! With a working hubby who commutes to work via the public transport, I should be the one going to buy durians. But I have two young boys who hate the smell of durians and hate waiting, and the logistics to go to the popular durian stalls - think about parking, queuing and lugging the durians back to the car! So every year when we finally made a trip to go buy durian together, we always find ourselves in the sold-out situation. :/

I know I know, NTUC is selling boxes of prepacked durians! But, it's weird to buy them! There is no durian fragrance and you do not know how many days it has been!

This year, Durian Delivery came to our rescue!

Why Durian Delivery?

Freshest Durians 

The typical durians we eat from stores…

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