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When Hubby Helps to Cook Rice

Hubby came home early today and I just finished cooking the dishes.
Me: Eh, you know how to cook rice? Can help me wash 1 cup of rice and water at level 1? I wanna go bathe now bcos it's super hot!"
Him: Can! I know, go go go!
Me (on second thoughts): Eh, maybe I wash myself la.. just a few more minutes, scarcely you dunno how...
Him: I know, very easy one! I will do it! You go!
And so I went to bathe...
Just now I walked past the rice cooker and I was shocked! Why are there so many bubbles bubbling out?
Me: Eh!! Did you cook rice correctly or not?? Did you put water at level 1?
Him: Ya!
Me: But... what's happening? Why are there so many bubbles???

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