Review: The Fruit Hut - Fruits Delivery Singapore

Yesterday at 12.43pm, I ordered some fruits from The Fruit Hut. I was surprised that I was able to select the same day time slot 1 to 3pm for delivery! As I was going out to fetch my boys from school, of course i select the next time slot available at 3 to 5pm. 
When my door bell rang at 3pm, i was expecting the delivery of something else, but i was surprised to find the delivery guy holding a big carton of fruits! He told me to be careful as the fruits are heavy! Thank you Mr Fruits Delivery Man!
What did I ordered? 

The Fruit Hut

The Fruit Hut offers the largest fruit selection - with over 80 varieties imported fresh from the best fruit farms worldwide. They guarantee that they are the freshest because
The Only Retailer With Cold Room FacilitiesTypically owned by fruit wholesalers only, they’re the only retailer with cold room facilities to keep their fruits fresh in Singapore’s humid weather.98% of Fruits Sell Out Within 1 DayTheir high fruit turnover means almost all of their fruits se…

Review: Beauty Products from Chrysalis™ Medi Aesthetic Group

I was invited by Chrysalis™ Medi Aesthetic Group to try out their skincare products for review purposes. I am super glad I took on the opportunity! 
Being pregnant and having just given birth a few weeks ago, I really look like a wreak. 😅 Although this pregnancy, my skin was not plagued by acne (previously when I was carrying my boys, I had severe acne on my face!). But there's still a lot of acne scarring left over from 10 years ago plus the tired and dull-looking skin. To be honest, I have been using the beauty cam mode on my handphone for years to deceive myself that I still look ok. 😂
When I started trying these 4 products, I stopped the use of all my own skincare products with the exception of my facial wash. I only wash my face once a day when I feel like it. 😂  Having tried the products for three weeks now, I fell in love with my glowing clear skin! It looks as if I had BB cream on my face when I had nothing! I find myself admiring my skin in the mirror multiple times a da…

Food Review + Discount Code: Acai Bowl by The Acai Lab

I was craving for something really healthy and clean to eat when Best in Singapore invited me to try an Acai Bowl from The Acai Lab. For Acai Lovers out there, you might be interested in this article "Best 7 Acai Bowl Available For Delivery in Singapore"!

What is acai (pronounced ah-sigh-EE), anyway? 
Found on açaí palm trees in South American rainforests, açaí berries are a lot like grapes. The seed takes up about 80% of the berry, but the flesh and skin pack plenty of vitamins and other nutrients in the remaining 20%. Not to mention the berries are only about 70 calories a cup. It is one of the most delicious members of the superfood squad. 

Why You Should Consider Ordering from The Acai Lab

They are the first and only açaí delivery specialist in Singapore! Instead of going out and queue to purchase, the acai bowl should be enjoyed in the comforts of our home! The Acai Lab is Singapore’s largest, fastest and most popular acai delivery platform! They are also  Organic GMO-FreeVe…

Review: DIY Terrarium Kit by Masons Home Decor

During the 8 weeks circuit breaker, did you wish to grow something green at home? I did!
More than 6 years ago, I was gardening at the community garden in my vicinity. However, the garden was closed down and used for other purposes thereafter. I tried planting at home but all plants died very soon because my house do not get any direct sunlight at all, not even in my corridor. So I gave up the idea thereafter. 
Yet I still secretly wish to grow and admire some green right at home, especially more during the circuit breaker for we are stuck at home! I think a terrarium is something easy and fuss-free that we can have at home even with very little sunlight! 

Masons Home Decor offers a variety of ready-made terrarium for those who are looking to buy and immediately decorate your home. It ranges from a small pot with one plant to bigger beautifully decorated pieces. However, if you enjoy doing things on your own, do check out their DIY Terrarium Kit! 
We received a box of DIY Terrarium Kit by…

Food Review: Handmade Italian Pizza by

We have been ordering from 2 of the pizza delivery companies so often during the circuit breaker that we were quite sick of their pizzas already! I came across "13 Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore" by Best In Singapore and is surprised that there are so many other pizza delivery companies in Singapore! Best In Singapore invited us to try out Pizza Delivery and here's sharing our experience!

Why You Should Consider Ordering From Pizza Delivery: HEAD CHEF TRAINED IN ITALY
Having trained in Italy for over a decade, their head chef is extremely experienced in firing up pizzas and they ensure only the most authentic Italian mouthfeel.AIR-FLOWN INGREDIENTS FROM ITALY
They only use premium imported southern Italian cheese from the country of origin. Their chefs are committed to choosing only the best ingredients personally.72 HOURS FERMENTED DOUGH
Their pizza dough is hand-made from scratch and fermented for precisely 72 hours to bring out its optimum flavours. They use only pr…

How I DIY My Confinement

In a blink of an eye, Baby Khloe is already a month old and I completed my confinement which I Do-It-All-By-Myself too!

Before I became a mum, I was totally clueless about what being a mum is about and what confinement is all about. I am quite the "scientific" type of person, so I am not able to blindly follow traditions without knowing why it's done that way. 11 years ago, when I was pregnant with my #1, Hubby and I attended the prenatal classes with Mrs Wong Boh Boi and we were glad that we did because we found many things that our parents asked us to do unnecessary! 
My first confinement was done by my mother in law and her domestic helper. My second confinement is done by my mum + I ordered confinement food. 
I can say that this confinement I had for my third child is the best confinement ever! I guess mainly it's because I am finally staying in my own house and I can do it exactly the way I desire! We are also very experienced now as it's our third child al…